The white flowers…

Though the day had started off too early, it took a bit to end. Strolling through the empty roads of my workplace, these bunch of flowers shed off the weariness of the whole day, letting off the unfitting worries and spreading a candid atmosphere within the onlookers.


A writer not a nurse!

We had a chapter with this same title in our English course of first year of nursing. The lesson was all about the experience of a nurse with one of her patients. It was really overwhelming and a tip for me to stay back and endure the whole nursing course. Ofcourse it was bit difficult and I am happy, I got out with good scores! What I want to convey through this post is life takes us to the places where we are ought to. As said, Man proposes and God disposes! One need not worry what we’ll be upto. It is all pre-written.

I rebelled with everyone and it took myself to such a dreary position of my life that I started hating it. During these days, I noticed that it was not my profession that held me guilty towards my life but the thought. Later I started correcting my thought in each move and there I regained my own self! I took to writing alongwith my profession. Hectic though but I feel refreshed after I scribble down something!😊

Sister’s time!😍😘😘

Born to a super-strict, disciplined and reserved family, they set a secret instance of the perfect sisters among the generations. Fighting back their own struggles, they possessed a rejuvenating skill, wherever they planted a smile- the souls did remember them. With the Almighty’s grace, they were held high before those who considered them a rag. Yet they have a heart that forgives and move on with utmost care not to hurt anyone. Above all, the attitude of letting go the things when they are in dire need was put into us by our beloved mothers which is keeping us outstanding wherever we are. Proud to be one among us! Love you my dear sisters! 😚😚😚

In Protector’s hands.

‘Bye.. bye…good night dear God’, a six-year-old me said while going to sleep beside my mother. She didn’t really like me bidding good bye to God. She then corrected me there and then and told me to pray like this,’ Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful day you gifted me today and as I am going to sleep, be with me and protect me so that I may be able to wake up to praise your name once again’.

When I go to sleep each day, I remember this prayer and pray silently thanking God for everything and also thanking my mother for bringing me nearer to my God each day.

There He held me up

Darker the vicinity visioned, weakest of the bunch fell, Lonely, tired and almost dead, In search of an unseen might.

A might unmoved, mightier than the raging sea, A might often forbidden, A might of strong love.

Devouring the darkness, He pulled me out again, Never forsaking, even hurted again, A tender, adamant love.

He opened my eyes, And led me through, For He said, and I found, The Truth, The Way and The Life!

Does she owe you more?

Smile was she adorned with, Had she stayed near, She wouldn’t have changed, Tumbling over and over again!

Never focused for herself She sought joy in others’- who touched her heart, leaving unhealed scars.

Easy, it is not, To be happy, when you aren’t, Letting go the moment, you are dying to stay back with!

Hope is what they say, They need from her, A hope that shatters , All her linked hopes!

What is it they want? Placed unto them, All she could afford! What else does she owe you?!

Being a writer!

Out of all the subjects in the curriculum, I always picked up the english texts, as soon as the new books arrived for the new class. I used to flip over the pages and see the pictures in them and among which I chose the colourful pictures and then read their stories. Gradually, i would have completed reading the whole book before i entered the class rooms. English teachers have been my favourite of all times!

I got an opportunity to do my higher secondary schooling from my native place where the literacy rates reach the toppest of all. Here the scenario was a bit different than the earlier schools where I had been. We had 2 english papers, where 1 was the normal prose and poetries whereas the other was grammar. Pure grammar! We could easily go through the first paper but the latter one was sometimes fatal! Anyhow most of us cleared both the papers at the end of the year.

What inspired me here in further cultivating my interest in the language was my teacher who taught the language. He always had a story of his own to start the day. Perhaps the story might be a fresh one from his imaginations yet he made us believe it happened a moment ago. We always cherished his hidden grin, happy to fool us with his made up stories. One of my poems describe him as Grandpa, where I tried to have his sketch in words.

What he taught us was, when you speak or write, the audience or the reader should be able to have all his senses on our words. That is, the people should be able to see, hear,smell, touch and if possible taste the written matter in their imagination. Such effective should be the writing. In addition to that, reading should contain something that make them create a curiosity in them to know what happens next.

Anyways, the regular readers read, what the actual writer inspires is to make the other ones too.

Happy reading and Happy writing and Happy blogging too! 😄

Grandmom! 😗

Grandmothers are the best people whom we are close to from our childhood memories. They are the ones, who are most happy to have us born and cared for. Vacations seem to be like deserted without them. Gifted with their kind hands that made us delicious recipes relishing not only our appetite of hunger, but also of our mind, heart and soul. Tears roll down, when I think of my grandmothers, happily enjoying the company of the Heavenly Father.

We often scolded her to rest for a while when she overloaded herself with the household chores. I remember her telling us, ” Resting for a while means to move on from one work to another. When you are tired of doing one same thing, jump onto your next work to be accomplished, this will refresh your mind and tiredness and meanwhile the work will be completed!”

Those days, we felt her advices to be too tough, but as we take on the responsibilities and the never-ending burdens piling up, these words really make up the day. When one seems to be lost in the turmoils of daily life, the heart eventually extend to pick up the advices and actions of the habits of our mothers and their mothers and the problems are ultimately solved.

Other than the advices, its the love and care that is missed greatly! Love you and miss you dear grandmothers!

The Opus of Wisdom and Love.

Brought up with a tough discipline, She grabbed a behaviour gratifying, Prioritized and strained off, Anything that others hurt with.

Childhood, Adolescence passed by, Came upon Adulthood, Exposed to the battling world, A platform of opportunities.

Pursuing her humble conduct, Won her place in many hearts, Willingly or Unwillingly, Holding back her own self.

Rose the Expectation, To herself and her etiquettes, Thoughts and deeds striking against, More was she troubled.

Into a gloom she sank, Bitter went relations, Once appreciated tongues, Held her the reverse.

Smiles in the day, Dark brought forth tears, She was breaking down, Each new day.

Looked each side, Quenching a concerned hug, Holding him close to heart, The Opus of Wisdom and Love.

And so the Psalmist sang,

‘So, He said,’You are my Son, Today I have become your Father, Ask and I will give you all the nations, The whole earth will be yours.’

Reassurance of Faith, Love and Trust, Her Almighty gifted, Relieved to live again, A hope to start anew!

Her Heartbeat!

Perfectionist, anyone would say, Admired by her kith and kin, She was a desired being, Though with envied hearts!

Too serious, would say the first met, Latter loving her the most, Those closer to her heart, Read that her eyes spoke!

Repulsive, Disobedient! Selfish! Nomenclatured her own, Unaware of her thoughts, Rustling her existence itself.

Struck with Altschmerz, She held herself aloof, Letting on the mystery, Each heartbeat she owned!