Grandmom! πŸ˜—

Grandmothers are the best people whom we are close to from our childhood memories. They are the ones, who are most happy to have us born and cared for. Vacations seem to be like deserted without them. Gifted with their kind hands that made us delicious recipes relishing not only our appetite of hunger, but also of our mind, heart and soul. Tears roll down, when I think of my grandmothers, happily enjoying the company of the Heavenly Father.

We often scolded her to rest for a while when she overloaded herself with the household chores. I remember her telling us, ” Resting for a while means to move on from one work to another. When you are tired of doing one same thing, jump onto your next work to be accomplished, this will refresh your mind and tiredness and meanwhile the work will be completed!”

Those days, we felt her advices to be too tough, but as we take on the responsibilities and the never-ending burdens piling up, these words really make up the day. When one seems to be lost in the turmoils of daily life, the heart eventually extend to pick up the advices and actions of the habits of our mothers and their mothers and the problems are ultimately solved.

Other than the advices, its the love and care that is missed greatly! Love you and miss you dear grandmothers!


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